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“Not Advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”
Henry Ford

“Let us save you time while making you money”

New Verticals Consulting LLC

NVC’s team will add consistency and a strategic approach to social media and channels management.  Our team of specialists will analyze what you have in order to make an adjustment to your social media & channels.

We are a well rounded group of industry professionals. With more than 40 years experience between us, as performers , industry professionals, social media influencers, content developers, marketing executives.

Our team of Content Marketing, Social Media, and SnapChat and Chat experts have the processes and consulting expertise that deliver great results! From building your brand awareness to drive high-quality traffic to your website, channels and social media outlets.

Looking to relieve pressure that comes with maintaining all of the platforms and focus on being a performer?  Looking to take your personal brand to the next level?  Looking to add consistency, expand into new markets to monetize your content and exposure? Let us assist you in getting ever dollar possible while adding consistent and continuous progress on your brand.

Looking to take your Company brand to the next level? Looking to add consistency, expand into new markets to monetize your content? Grow the following and brand awareness? Let us assist you in getting every dollar possible while adding consistent and continuous progress on your brand.

We make our customers happy. Plain and simple. We do this by making them money, increasing the brand awareness and opening up new verticals of revenue streams. We have several testimonials here on the site.  They are real and from our clients we also have some that are happy to talk to you directly if you choose to.

I am genuinely impressed with NVC.  I was not a fan of turning over some things to someone else, but the ways in which NVC manages my content, social media marketing, channels, clips stores has me thankful for the freedom I now have to live a life and know that everything is in good hands.  I have since used them for SEO on my website and my conversion ratio and revenue is up dramatically in just 4 months.  I have never seen number like these.  highly recommend New Verticals Consulting!

We first hired NVC to take over our Social media only. Alix/Tiffeny came to us with a unique idea to use SnapChat a platform we had not even thought about using. It turned a normal expense for branding into a money machine. Her team of professionals have now expanded and are taking us to new heights with other platforms and channels.

Amazing relief not only have they allowed me to focus on being a performer again and improve my quality of life, but they have dramatically increased my income and following across the board!  THANK YOU!!

Anonymous Performer
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