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Corporate  Company Brand

Initial Set up: Contact Us – Very similar to our individual packages, NVC will create social media platforms: Instagram, FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts (if needed). We will create new content clip store profiles (or analyze any existing ones) and structure them to work together within a cohesive plan.

This set up fee is returned after the 12th month of service.

All Social Media Platforms
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This package includes Two Platform as well as both Public and Private SnapChat. Dependent upon the size of your network will determine the price point we can offer.
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We can handle your site, or network of sites no matter the size or current traffic volume. We have specialists on hand to work round the clock on each project we take on.
Custom Packages
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Similar to the Complete Package, our custom package is solely built to your exactly needs and or budget. We will always go the extra mile, but this assures you fall within your comfort zone.
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The volume of your channels and depth of their activity will allow us to custom quote your service based on your needs.
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