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Tiffeny GlidewellTiffeny Glidewell

Tiffeny Glidewell-Hogue
Title: CEO

Tiffeny is passionate about what she has built. Throughout the early times maintained integrity and performer first mentality was and remains first and foremost. As a performer for more than 6 years she understands the value of each and every fan and how important the trust is.  Taking nothing for granted and always adapting techniques to all channels and the changing times, her leadership is instrumental to the culture of NVC

Hobbies: Singing in the shower and reading
Random Fact: Fanatic about reaction videos on YouTube

Daniel Hogue
Title: CTO/CFO

23 years in the industry. Has won Industry pioneer award and best live cam site from XBiz.  Reliable, dedicated and absolutely committed to performers success for his entire career.

Hobbies: Poker
Random Fact: Father at 16 and divorced single parent with 100% custody at 18 y/o

Title: Director Of Operations

A brainiac that enjoys organization.  Hunter  is meticulous in his systematic approach to  training and set up to insure all are on the same page and doing what they need to.

Hobbies: Scuba Diving , Gardening 
Random Fact: 

Bobby 2Bet Taylor
Title: SEO Department Head

with more than 15 year experience in SEO and marketing with the largest company brands in the business today. Bobby brings that integral  part to the coordination and efforts to make all efforts towards a strategic approach to brands

Hobbies: No Time always working for you!
Random Fact: Started a Poker site way back in the days! Hence 2Bet

Video Editor, Writer, Poster

Brandi is not only a fellow performer but also a talented video editor and creative writer.  Her overall knowledge of the industry is an asset to your team

Hobbies: Music
Random Fact:

Writer , Titles and Descriptions

Robert. Long time industry veteran and podcast site operator. has been writing for many years and brings a unique approach to titles and descriptions to bring people into your content.

Random Fact: Part of Damon Seed Radio

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